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Pictionario Party


Ideal for fun in a meeting with friends, draw and guess the words!The application gives you more than 600 cards and it will add the score for you.It have the option to draw on the device's screen or you can opt for the traditional method, drawing with pencil and paper. If you choose to draw on the device is recommended to be larger than 4 inches, ideal for playing on tablet.________________________________________________________________________________________________
You can download the new version Pictionario Party Plus. It contains more than 3,500 cards divided into 10 categories, more colors and contains no advertising.________________________________________________________________________________________________
Game Mode: All of participants are divided in 2 teams. Choose specific time for each turn (Via the "Settings" button on the home screen).One team chooses the card through the app and then shows the word to only one participant from the other team, without their peers be able to see.The card will be written in a color, determining which class it belongs.Red: people, places or animals.Green: objects.Blue: actions. Pink: difficult words. Orange: a bit of everithing. Without say any word, the participant has to make them understand through drawings (without talk) to the other participants which word is.The participants of the group that aren't drawing can't interfere in the game.If the team guessed the word before time ends, begins another game and continues drawing another participant of the same team. In case they haven't guessed, Will play to draw a parcipant the other team, repeating the process.The winning team is the one that gets the highest score, which may be determined by the participants.
Let's play!
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